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Krish Mohan is a socially conscious, Indian Stand-Up comedian and writer who regularly tours the United States. He performs at and has sold out small theaters, bars, independent comedy clubs, colleges, DIY and house venues. With his quirky attitude, charming personality, and intelligent humor, Krish captivates and engages audiences of all backgrounds. Mohan uses stories and historic anecdotes in order to tackle hot button topics like race, religion, war, immigration, while adding an optimistic, philosophical & sociological twist!

Mohan has also been featured on Redacted Tonight VIP, Act Out on Free Speech TV, and various NPR radio stations (PA, NC, NY). He has also performed and sold out shows at several Fringe Festivals (IndyFringe, Pittsburgh Fringe, Capital Fringe, Philly Fringe Arts, St. Lou Fringe, Atlanta Fringe), where he has been an audience favorite with his unique brand of comedy & social vigilantism that been described as “dangerous perceptive” and “never offensive”. Krish also won the 2018 Pittsburgh Fringe Festival Audience Choice award!

He has also opened for other nationally touring headliners of note like Stewart Huff, Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp and Hari Kondabolu. Krish is also the host of the weekly socio-political commentary web show & podcast, “Fork Full of Noodles” and the interview podcast “Taboo Table Talk”.

Location When Summary Description
Zoom. Online Show! 12/04/2020 at 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm HEADLINING: Citizen Revolution - A Virtual Stand Up Comedy Show! Tickets: https://krishmohanhaha.ticketleap.com/citizenrevolution-21/ Limited to 20 spots!
Zoom. Online Show! 12/18/2020 at 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm HEADLINING: Citizen Revolution - A Virtual Stand Up Comedy Show! Tickets: https://krishmohanhaha.ticketleap.com/citizenrevolution-23/ Limited to 20 spots!
Zoom. Online Show! 12/19/2020 at 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm HEADLINING: Citizen Revolution - A Virtual Stand Up Comedy Show! Tickets: https://krishmohanhaha.ticketleap.com/citizenrevolution-15/ Limited to 20 spots!

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Described as:

an honest, funny approach to describe how his expectations of moving to America didn’t line up with reality; how he has handled racism…; his relationship with his parents who raised him to be a devout Hindu, yet he is no longer faithful; and even sex education” -NUVO (Indianapolis)

Mohan’s material is frequently clever if not uproariously funny” Roger Caitlin of the Washington Post

If you appreciate comedians that deliver a message with style and truth, and make you LOL while they’re delivering the message, then go see the Indian Comedian, unless of course…you’re racist.” -Randy Clark from IndyFringe Talks

a frank, intelligent Indian-American who can address the country’s deepest divides without sounding preachy.” Amanda Kingsbury of the IndyStar

a playful, provocative stand-up routine” -The DCist

wry observations about how he’s treated in America as an immigrant, though he uses where he was born and what he looks like as a jumping-off point, not a crutch” -IndyStar

“‘touchy’ subjects are addressed with a personal approach from lifelong experience” -Ben Daniels of the DC Metro Theater Arts

Comedy’s not always supposed to be comfortable, and Mohan warns at the top that he’s going to get weird and esoteric. He keeps his promise, but fortunately also keeps you laughing” -Alex Walsh of Pittsburgh In the Round

Approaching Happiness is not out just for laughs (with unabashed dark humor) – Mohan wants to get us talking to each other about these issues as much as he does.” Cayleigh Bolinger of Pittsburgh In The Round

Mohan engages the audience with self-referential sideline commentary about their responses (or lack thereof), which dissolves boundaries and encourages easy laughter.” Tiffany Raymond of Pittsburgh In The Round

His series of anecdotes are honest and funny. […] Mohan is a funny guy. His routine works. He’s raising awareness toward social injustice and politics through his art of stand up and it works.  When someone points out all the idiocy around us, and can do it with a joke, he’s captivated the attention of the masses.” Megan Grabowski of Pittsburgh In The Round

“Not holding back his opinions, Mohan’s subjects depicted society’s contemporary issues, including drug reform, prison for profit, climate change, mental illness and human accountability.” –Salmata Fall, Louisiana State University (Daily Revielle)

“a witty and accurate observation about modern day cultures.” Nick Holstein, West Virginia University (The Daily Athenaum)

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