Ron Placone’s One-Man Show-Madness in the Message: Start Talking

Hey friends,

One my good friends and great Comedian Ron Placone is developing his one-man show called Madness in the Message. Here is a bit about the show, which you can find on the Madness in the Message: Start Talking facebook page.

Madness in the Message is a provocative multimedia one-man show on media criticism and comedy. The show will be running once a month from June through September 2012 at the Steel City Improv Theater on Pittsburgh’s Northside.

Describing the show “as The Daily Show meets the BBC series How TV Ruined Your Life with an academic edge,” Ron promises a tour through a contemporary media landscape where advertisers, owners and special interest groups come first and the general public comes dead last. The show includes case-studies, spoken-word, interviews, video-sketches, and even a little music.

After its initial theater-run Ron hopes to take the show to campuses and organizations nationally and internationally.

I’ve been honored to be a part of some sketches for the show. Ron is a prolific, satiric, and politically charged Comedian, Writer and Speaker & can be seen at a variety of shows and venues across the US and Canada. Check out his schedule and updates on his website. The branding for the show was done Venkat.