The Noodlebowl Comedy Show-Premiere Show

New Show Announcement

Hey guys,

I’ve wanted organize a showcase for quiet sometime now. I got a great opportunity earlier in February when I met with Stella Cala of Senor Frogs on West Liberty Ave. After speaking with Stella and booking a date the first Noodlebowl Comedy Show was organized. The very first show is on March 6, 2012 at 8 pm with a $5 cover. This show features young comedian Elliot Burns, Comedian, Singer & Host of Writing on the Floor, Zach Simons and Comedian, Writer & Host of Thoughts Rants and Cold Coffee, Ron Placone.

‎”An Indian kid, a sheltered rich kid from the suburbs, a dude with a bizarre obsession with Pittsburgh, and a misanthropic graduate student walk into a bar…and put on a comedy show…things could get CRAZY!!” ~ As described by Ron Placone.

The thing I wanted to get across with this show is to bring Stand-up Comedy to forefront of the Pittsburgh Scene. To read a bit more about what the show is check out the Page. I hope to see you at the show!

Noodlebowl Comedy Show