Noodlebowl Comedy Show featuring James J. Hamilton, Zach Simons & Ron Placone

Hey friends,

Last night was the very first Noodlebowl Comedy Show, and I am very excited to say that it was spectacularly! Firstly I’d like to thank the comedians that were on the show, James J. Hamilton, Zach Simons and Ron Placone. I can’t express how much I really appreciate you three being a part of the first show and helping to make the success that it was. Secondly I’d like to thank Stella Cala and the folks at Senor Frogs for having us there! Thirdly, I want to thank my girlfriend for helping with the door and putting up with the hysteria of me constantly saying “This is going to flop! What the hell am I doing?” & telling me I’m an idiot, which I was. I also want to thank every single person that came out last night! We had a great turn out and everyone was really great!

The room is at Senor Frogs is very apt for Comedy, and the stage is pretty decent in size and gives the Comedian enough space to move around. It’s a pretty intimate setting, which I love. I love seeing people’s faces and interacting with the audience when I can. James, Zach & Ron did fantastic! They killed the show and had everyone laughing the whole night. My hope is that this starts to attract more people to come and see Comedy in Pittsburgh. We have a great Comedy Scene here in Pittsburgh and I want everyone know how great it is!

I will be booking the next few shows as I get dates set in from the great folks at Senor Frogs. If you would like to be on a show, feel free to contact me. If you would like to have a Noodlebowl Comedy Show at your venue feel free to give me a holler as well. I would love to see everyone at these shows and every Comedy show in Pittsburgh! Don’t forget go see Tommy Kupiec’s Buckhead All-Pro Show, the upcoming Comedy Features at Wolfie’s Comedy, shows at Club Cafe, Mark McCall‘s Saturday Night Stand-Up at the Corner Cafe, the upcoming Noodlebowl Comedy Shows and many many more shows around town!

Now these are some photos of the evening. Thanks for reading, video of the evening is on its way.