Old Bits Renewal

Hello friends,

Yesterday was the Chingy’s Birthday Comedy Jamboree. It was great show and it was well put together by John Pridmore and Derek Minto. Andrew Rutherford opened up the show very well, and the funny was followed up by Ed Knizhnik. I was up right after Ed and was followed by John who did really well. The show was closed off and headlined by WDVE & Pittsburgh Magazine’s Sean Collier. Sean brought the house down! The show was upstairs at Smiling Moose, which has never looked better. The sound was great the back drop wasn’t frightening.

I had okay set last night, it wasn’t the worst, but it also wasn’t the best. I made a few mistakes with my set last night. Firstly, I over prepared my set and didn’t time my bits right. That led to me not closing with what I wanted to close with. It wasn’t a bad bit to close with but not the best. Secondly I mixed some older routines with the new ones. I had forgetting the cadence in the some of my older bits which led to me ad libbing a more and forgetting portions of my bit. This of course led the first mistake of not closing as wanted. One of the older bits I had done a few months back and it did very well, but I hadn’t worked on it in a while. I was able to pull it back in with a short story and some newer routines that involved a bit more crowd work. Once I got the light from Derek, as I always do when I get the light, I rushed the last bit that I was on. Again leading to a bad closer. All in All, it wasn’t the worst set. I had some people laughing in the beginning and towards the end.

The lesson here is to that if I’m planning on bringing older bits into my set, I should re-work them out so they fit into my set. I also need to see which of my older bits to put I want to work into my newer material. I had a chat with Derek after the show and we both agreed on which bit didn’t hit well the audience. Both of us talked about how we can re-work some of  these jokes in but it takes a bit working out to fine tune the bits into new sets. So thank you to Derek for the good post-set chat!

Going forward I’m going to re-tool my sets. I’m always writing new material, but I can definitely work in some of my older bits in and working them out the various Open Mics! So come and check that out and the tons of fantastic Comedians around, like Ed, John, Derek, Andrew & Sean.