Thank god for my Girlfriend

My girlfriend, Carrie, and I have been dating about 2 years. One of the first times we hung out was right after one of my shows, specifically the Grillz & Gazebos Show. That is one my favorite shows, because she was there and I had a blast during that set. She has always been honest about every single set that she’s seen of mine, which is basically the basis of our relationship; honesty. It’s one of the biggest reasons I’m crazy about this girl!

Now, I always talk about my sets with Carrie; like the set I did this past Friday and set at the Noodlebowl Comedy Show. I felt like the set at the Noodlebowl Comedy Show was pretty good but still wasn’t my best. And if you read my last post, you know how I felt about the Chingy show. I mentioned this to her and she helped me realize a little something about myself and my Comedy. She said every set that she’s enjoyed had a narrative, much like the Grillz and Gazebos set. Much like what I’ve noticed about my sets, Carrie also mentioned that my transitions and pairing of the right bits together. She pointed out that I when I write my bits, there are lot of bits that fit into each and I need to looking into that, especially if I’m going to bring back some of my older material. She also said I need to let of go of certain bits. I’ve always found that hard to do, but I know it’s necessary.

Set building is something I used to take a lot of time into and for the past 2 shows I feel like I didn’t do as good of a job as I did. Transitions have always been a weakness of mine, which is why I took so much into building sets so they were fluid.  I think approaching every show or hour or event as a narrative will help me turn my weakness into a strength.

Thank god for Carrie. Maybe she should be my manager?

Me & Carrie 1

Me & Carrie 3
I’m probably going to get into trouble for this, but its okay.