Post Gilda’s Great Comic Search

Hello friends,

This past week was the 4th Annual Gilda’s Great Comic Search, which benefits the Gilda Club of Western PA. This is always been a really fun show to do. These shows mean a lot to me not only because it’s a great cause for a great organization but also because the first show that I did was my first time at the Improv. It was a great opportunity that I enjoyed thanks to Aimee Arnold and I very am glad to help her out with these events!

This year the show went really well and had a great audience. I had great conversations with some great comedians, like Vinny Fasline, Shane Dolan, New York Nick, James J. Hamilton and more! The sets went well for everyone. There was a lot of energy in the room and the audience was highly receptive. I went up right after James, who killed the room. My set went ok. I used some of my newer material that I had been working on for s while. As i got off the stage, I felt confident but knew those bits had to be tweaked and were a long way from being great bits. The rest show was a lot of fun watching all the other comedians taking the stage. At the end of the show, as usual I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. First up to advance was Vinny Fasline, then Matt Light. Then my name was called and I had to do the dumb comics run up to the stage, waving to the audience, because I’m awkward. The final name called was James J. Hamilton. He truely deserved it, he killed it that night! Congrats to all the comedians that won!

After the show I had a very meaningful conversation with Aaron Kleiber. I was talking to him about my set and a few issues I had been facing about my material, much like the conversation I had with Carrie. He told how to better my sets and work up to my goals of producing my next hour. He basically told me that I should work on my best 10 minutes I have and build my way up to the hour. I’ve had an idea of some of the material I would like to use, but I have to keep working at them and making them better. He also said that I should bring back some of my older material from the Grillz & Gazebos show and revive it and make them even better. There are definitely bits I want to bring back out and build to be some of the best bits. I’m still writing new material but I’ll be rolling those out a little slower.

I had met Aaron at one of the Improv open mics that Aimee put me on to, he was one of the only comedians that talked to me after my set. Aaron is currently touring with Jim Breuer and runs a few open mics around town.

I want to thank everyone that came out, Randy Baumann for hosting, Aimee Arnold for organizing the event, Aaron for the fantastic advice and (calling back to the previous post) my girlfriend for pushing me to be better.

4th Annual Gilda's Great Comic Search
Fellow Winner Vinny Fasline, Aimee Arnold, Dana Kuskie, Comedian & Actor Aaron Kleiber and myself