The Homecoming Kings of Comedy-Live at LaRoche College

New Show Announcement

Hey there,

I am very excited to say that I will be going back to LaRoche to be provide Comedic entertainment to alumni, friends, faculty, nun, ghosts of nuns and students with my good friends Jeff Konkle and Ron Placone on April 21, 2012. We will be filling the 2 hour block with hilarious jokes about a variety of subjects. This is part of the LaRoche College Homecoming weekend, which will have a whole day of food, sport, excitement, college knowledge and now Comedy! Check out the Facebook event HERE.

We are all very excited about this show. For me this is a great place to come back to do a show. LaRoche was the first place that I really started grow as a Comedian and work on my material. And this is also where I got perform on one my favorite (not like I have not mentioned this before), Grillz & Gazebos. I am also looking forward to performing with Ron & Jeff. I’ve performed on a few shows with Ron (the Noodlebowl Comedy Show & the NORML Show), and this is going to the first I’m going to be performance with Jeff since the 2nd Gilda’s: Laughing in the Face of Cancer. I’d love to all you guys, especially at the LaRoche students, to come out and enjoy this free show.

See you at the show!

The Homecoming Kings of Comedy