Thank you and Goodbye to Mr. Hines Ward.

Hey friends,

So as everyone knows Hines Ward retired from the Pittsburgh Steelers this past week. Its definitely good to see him retire in the Black & Gold and see him go off in a good way. He was one of the best receivers in the league and step down when he needed to. I’m not a big sports guy, never have been; I’m a man by biology alone (and what a biology…I’m sorry for that folks). But the first time I saw Steeler game was when I was in High School. My dad never watched games with me, but a good friend of mine did. His name was Aslam, and he was big guy who had a big love for sports. Like I said I wasn’t much for sports, so I didn’t think I would really get into it. We gathered around his TV and I remember seeing Rothlisberger launch a ball down the field and Hines Ward receiving and running it in for a touchdown. I cheered louder than anyone for this team! From then on, I watched almost every game only in hopes that Hines would pull of some crazy catch and win us the games. I would yell louder and more obnoxiously than anyone in the room when the Patriots would have 4 defenders try to take down the man in #86. So, thank you Hines for getting me into the game and pretending like I knew what I was talking about and blowing out a few of my vocal chords.