The Corner Cafe Open Mics

Hey folks,

This past Friday was a part of the Comedy Showcase and Open Mic at the Corner Cafe, much I am most weeks. This is a weekly Open Mic hosted by Mike Wysocki but sometimes it’s some guest hosts. This week it was Ron Placone, and I had a pleasure of helping him out with the show. We had 16 comics as semi packed room and a great show! The Comedians were all great, everyone’s set was very well. Big thanks to everyone that came out last night!  I’ve been working on a few things for some upcoming shows and last night’s set needed work. Some of it was older material and some it was more recent. There are some portions that need to tweaked and trimmed. Which is great, because I’m very excited about working on this set!

My first experience with the Corner Cafe was when I was asked to perform there by Mark McCall on his Saturday night Comedy Showcases. I had a great time with the folks in the room and my set! From then on, I remember it being one of the best rooms in the city for Comedy! Whenever I can I enjoy performing along side the great Comedians in this city on a small intimate stage!

Ron and I have been performing together on shows and mics since I met at the Royal Place about 2 years ago. Ron was one of the many Comedians that talked to me and was encouraging about coming out to Open Mics when I didn’t know where there were. Ron and I have performed together on a several shows and will be on a few other shows this year! He is also working on a One-man show called Madness in the Message opening in June!

The Corner Cafe has Open Mic Comedy every Friday night at 9 pm for only $5. Drop by and get your laugh on!