The Homecoming Kings of Comedy-Show Revision

Hey Folks,

We have slight change on the show coming up at LaRoche College. Due to a few complications with his schedule Jeff Konkle won’t be on the show. We’ve rebooked the show with Jamie Bono, who will be hosting the event, and Dan Jenniches who will be the feature in the show with myself and Ron Placone closing out the show. David Day booked the Bold Union Room for us that night. This is a great room and has been one of my favorite rooms to perform in. I’ve had many really great sets in that room, including a LaRoche Talent Show set in 2008 and The Grillz & Gazebos show in 2010.

Jamie and I have performed together a few times in the past. The first show was one of TJ Amick’s Papa J’s Showcases. After that, both of us were on Ron Placone’s NORML showcase last July. That was really fun show to be on with both those guys, so I’m really excited to be working with these guys again. Jamie is currently Buffalo working and heading up the Comedy scene up there. His sunny disposition and clever satiric Comedy stylings is will be great addition to the show. He hosts his own podcast called the To-Do List.

Dan and I met on the Pittsburgh Comedy scene about 1 year ago. Dan’s a great Comedian and worked with several Comedians around town and has been featured at several showcases around town. He recently opened for Jim Krenn and his return to Comedy at the Corner Cafe. He is currently a Pharmacy Student at Duquesne and has many great stories to tell. I am very excited to be performing with him for this show!

See you at the Show!

The Homecoming Kings of Comedy-2