Saturday Nite Stand Up at the Corner Cafe

New Show Announcement

Hello Friends

On April 28th I am very happy to say that I will be performing at the Corner Café with Mark McCall, Tim Ross, Derek Minto and Glenn Baroni. This is going to Mark McCall’s birthday show and starts around 8:30. It’s $5 at the door.

I am very excited for this show, because I love performing with Tim, Derek and Mark, and look forward to performing with Glenn. I met Mark at one of TJ Amick’s Comedy Showcases. After which he asked me to perform at his Saturday night Showcase at the Corner. This was first time at the Corner and I loved it! That was also the first time I met James J. Hamilton, who was recently on the first Noodlebowl Comedy Show. I met Tim at the Beerhive a while back. This around the time I working on a bit about Fat people giving me advice, and Tim was able to work right off that set and we had a conversation after the Open Mic . He’s a very funny dude and very nice guy! Derek runs a podcast called Haters for Hire, which he was gracious enough to have on as a guest. I very much enjoy working with Derek. He’s a very lively Comedian who really doesn’t need a microphone. He’s runs 2 of the Open Mics in Pittsburgh; Tuesdays at the Smiling Moose and Thursday at Hambones. I’ve never met Glenn but I’m looking forward to seeing his Stand Up.

I’m also excited because I really enjoy performing at the Corner Café. Like I’ve said before I think this is one of the best rooms for Comedy. It’s a very intimate setting with a great small stage.  I’m very much looking forward to this show following the Laugh Out Loud in the Library in the Library show!

See you all at the show!