The Easter Post

Hi Folks

Easter has always been and always will be an interesting time for me. Usually it sneaks up on me; because I think when Jesus rose from the dead he sneaked up on all his disciples, so I find it fitting.  When I first heard of Easter I thought it was a Buddhist or Chinese holiday, which didn’t much sense to me. It particularly didn’t make sense to me when I found out what it actually was all about.

I was about 10 or 11 when someone explained to me that Easter was the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection and I asked what everyone asks; What’s with the eggs and bunnies? It’s plagued me for quiet sometime. So much so that I look for answers every year around Easter time the only way I know how; Bugs Bunny reruns and Donnie Darko (if you’re wondering that left me more confused than ever). In college I learned about the link to Passover, which celebrates the Israelites being freed from Egypt, which is what the Last Supper was celebrating as well. This left me more confused because I didn’t get why the Catholics can’t realize they wouldn’t have a religion without Judaism.  But that’s for a different time.

Now my lovely girlfriend and I enjoy going to malls and such to see long lines of people to sit on the Easter Bunny’s lap. From infants and teens to full grown adult males that just didn’t get the right amount of love from their dads.  We watch these kids build up the start of their separation anxieties when their parents walk about 5 feet away.  This makes me fear that these kids will never leave their homes and college campuses will be vacant. Then how will party with the “future” of our world? But I deviate from my point. My point is that one day when the lines clear and the screaming kids are back with their parents and that sad lonely guy feels a little satisfaction from his photo with the rabbit, it’ll be my turn. And I will approach this rabbit and see if I get all my answers from this man-bunny. I can ask him: Why the eggs? What does it represent? Rebirth? The Resurrection? Did the messiah come before the religion or did the religion already exist in our hearts? Why won’t the Catholics just say thank you to the Jews?

I may never get my answers. Happy Easter friends.

The Easter Post