Pittsburgh Improv’s Open Mic

So last night I was once again at the Pittsburgh Improv for one of their Open Mics. This usually held about once a month or so and brings out the eclectic Comedy Scene in Pittsburgh. We had some regulars come, a few new guys and a special appearance by T-Robe. The night was kicked off by one of the bests, Aaron Kleiber. The show went great, and I was the last of 7 Comedians to go up! I am pretty excited about how my set went. The audience was very responsive and gave me some room to play around and go off the cuff a bit. I had a great time much like the last time I was there.

After I got off stage everyone that was walking out was very nice and said I was funny, which always makes me feel good. It all feeds into my narcissism, but I was grateful all the same. I was greeted by someone who I hadn’t seen since High School, who came out to the show just to see me with her “posse”. That was a great feeling and I hope that continues to happen for the upcoming shows. I also met a lady who complimented on my material (I did a chunk of my thoughts on Race & Racism), and told me her background. She was half white, half black with an Indian father. This woman drew the short end of every stick! But she was very excited and pleased and complimentary and elated. I always like that. I enjoy talking to people after shows; especially ones that came specifically to see me and ones that are super excited about my material! That narcissism will never end will it? All the same thank you so much to all those that came out the supported the Pittsburgh Comedy scene.