Obama’s Nightly News

In recent news President (current and future, #edgy), was on Jimmy Fallon (#laughsatownjoke) and slow jammed the news followed by his interview. I’m not really sure about what the kerfuffle is all about; he was talking about something that going to affecting college students (here comes the kicker) on a medium they all watch and understand! And he has great stage presence, which is something I enjoy about a leader! Since when is a Leader not supposed to be personable? Obama’s hysterical on these shows and he gets his point across! I don’t Romney getting on a late night talk show with his creepy, programmed, Mormon smile and glare talking about twitter and his policies on education. That’s because Romney wants to fire everyone on the show, and then put all of them on top of his car (#peopledon’tforget).

I would like Obama to have his own talk show. Maybe he can start towards the end of his second term and float right into it right after his term ends. His show, Obama Talks, will premiere on OWN and his co-host will be Arsenio Hall (#thatdudeneedsajob).  First guest will of course be the man, the myth and former president, Bill Clinton. “Now, now, now, now, now, Bill. May I call you Bill?” he’d start, “Now Bill, I remember when I was in the White House, we were in the Lincoln Bedroom, writing my memoirs, I heard a little noise and thought it was the ghost of Lincoln. You every hear any freaky things in that bedroom?” Clinton waits and responds “Oh there were freaky noises, but they weren’t from Lincoln, if you know what I mean!” Then Arsenio goes wild, while Clinton give his famous thumbs up! Of course Obama would be laughing and cap that off “Oh Bill, you are crazy! Now we haven’t gotten anywhere with you yet! Stay Tuned we will right back with more with Former President Bill Clinton” That’s a show I’d watch! And if could vote, I’d definitely vote for him!

Obama Talks