Shaler Middle School & the Library Benefit

Hey folks,

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with the fine folks from the Shaler Library and do a set to benefit the Library. There were a little over 200 people at the show and filled a good portion of the Shaler Middle School Auditorium. Jonny Hartwell from 3WS was the host for the evening and did a great job of hosting, introducing and warming up the crowd for the show! And what a crowd! They were incredibly receptive to the show and were fantastic! Everyone had a great sets! The night went of very well and I met a lot people who were very excited about the show and thanked all the comics and were genuinely appreciative for the us being there.

My set went of pretty well. The time on stage was about 8 minutes and I went over by about a minute. I was taken off guard when I saw the girl with the cue card holding the sign that said “2 minutes” and then “stop” . Most of my set was built around the topic of Racism, which I always enjoy doing. For the most part it went over very well, till towards the end. The audience was with me the whole way through, but when I saw the “Stop” card I got lost for a second and fumbled my closer. I wasn’t very happy about it but I did a few laughs for it. I did come out of this experience gaining a few things about me and building my sets. Like I’ve mention before, my girlfriend, Carrie, says my strength is building a narrative for my sets. I built this set around one topic rather than trying to take a bit more a narrative approach. I think in longer shows having a 10 minute chunk on race or religion or family or my girlfriend or whatever subject I’m talking might be easier to follow.

I’m hoping to do more shows at Shaler and work the people at the Library again.