Saturday Night Stand-Up!

Hello Friends,

This past weekend, I was invited by Mark McCall to perform at the Corner Cafe with Glenn Baroni, Tim Ross and special guest Kunal Arora. There was a packed house at the Corner Cafe which is always nice to see! This was another great audience that was very receptive to the show! Everyone had great set! This was the first time I had seen Glenn Baroni and he did a great 10 minutes! He had some great stories and interacted with the crowd very well. Tim as always had an awesome set! I always enjoy working with Tim when I can! Kunal was our surprise guest out of New York! I was a little nervous about having another brown person on the bill with me but he was very funny and I had an opportunity to talk Comedy, Life and everything in between with him. He was great and had very great material.

I had the opportunity to headline for the show did about 20 minutes and narrated about the women in my life and the way I look. Some of the material from the show you can hear on the album I recorded at LaRoche recently, Homecoming. I did a few older bits from years ago I hadn’t done in a while. Some of this went over really well others were didn’t hit the mark. Other than one or two older bits not getting the laugh, it was great show! I think this set was built better than my set on the day prior. I was very happy with this one. I hope to have shows like this down the road!

On a more serious note, you may know that Derek Minto was supposed to be on this. Unfortunately, Derek had a family emergency and wasn’t able to perform that night. I want to send my condolences to Derek and his family for their loss. I wish them all well and any offer them any support he and his family may need from me and the Pittsburgh Comedy community. We’re are here for you Derek.

I also want to congratulate Derek on making the house team at the Steel City Improv Theater.