The Final Round of Gilda’s Great Comic

Hello folks,

I could not be more excited about the third and final round of Gilda’s Great Comic Search that was held last week! There were 17 fantastic Comedians and most of them were my friends, who I see and perform with every week! This brings me a lot of joy and excitement of the finals (*check future post*). Randy Baumann of the DVE Morning Show hosted and convinced Aimee Arnold to pick 5 (yes 5!) Comedians for the finals instead of 4! If this doesn’t prove the level of talent that is floating around this city then I don’t know what does (#watchoutNY). There were a ton of funny people that went up and performed! The 5 finalist that were chosen are: Tim Ross, Derrick Knopsnyder, Alex Stypula, Ray Zadwodni & Carl Shimmel. Congratulations to them all the other winners of the Comic Search. I’ll see you on stage at the Finals!

4th Annual Gilda's Great Comic Search
Poster by Venkat