Noodlebowl Comedy Show featuring Elliot Burns, Michael Buzzelli, Tim Ross & Derek Minto

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This is the second show of the Noodlebowl Comedy Show for July! This show is Live at Peters Pub in Oakland of Pittsburgh PA. It will be featuring fantastic stand-up comedy from Elliot Burns, Michael Buzzeli, Tim Ross and Derek Minto. This is a show you don’t want to miss, and this is only $5! You can check out the event on Facebook HERE.

Elliot is a young Comedian who cracks everyone up at all the Mics and Shows he’s on. He is a strong up and comer and I am excited to see him perform! Michael is another funny guy that I met during one of the Gilda’s Great Comic Search shows and recently found out he went to the same High School as me. He is also a writer of books, articles, including a weekly column for the observer reporter and plays. Tim and I have a very special relationship, in that we like to push the boundaries of our friendship by saying really strange things to each other, and I find it awesome! I always enjoy Tim’s sets and I had an opportunity to share the stage with Tim last month at showcase run by Mark McCall. He’s a very funny man and I’m exciting to be on that stage with him again.  And of course Derek Minto is on the show! Derek is the host of the Smiling Moose & Hambones Open Mic as well his own Podcast called Haters For Hire. I’ve had the pleasure of being on Derek’s podcast and I had a blast. Derek is a great storyteller and I always have very hilarious and fantastic conversations with him. You should all listen to his Podcast.

I’m also excited about performing at Peters Pub. The stage is fantastic and the room is very intimate. I enjoy those types of rooms. I think it makes the experience much more enjoyable for the Comedians and the audiences. Big thanks to Andy & the folks at Peters Pub to letting me put this show on there!

Noodlebowl Comedy Show 7/6/12