Noodlebowl Comedy Show featuring Zach Funk, Mark McCall, Dan Jenniches and Jeff Konkle

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The Noodlebowl Comedy is show is back in action! This show will be Live at Howlers Coyote Café in Bloomfeild of Pittsburgh PA. It will be featuring the comedic stylings of Zach Funk, Mark McCall, Dan Jenniches and Jeff Konkle. All funny guys that you should definitely check out and only for $5! You can check out the event on Facebook HERE.

Zach, aka Funkytown, hails out of Lancaster, but he’s been on the Pittsburgh Comedy scene for a little while and really funny. I’m excited to get Zach on this show! Mark hosts his own shows at the Corner Café! Another really funny gent that just recently headlined at Club Café! Mark is also directing, writing and filming sketches with a few comedians around town. Dan has been around the Comedy scene for a while as well! I had the great pleasure of having him come down and perform at the LaRoche College Homecoming show back in April and he knocked it out of the park! Dan’s a big up and comer and I’m psyched to have him on the show. And last but not least, Jeff Konkle. This guys has been all over town and opened for everyone from Bill Burr to most recently Charlie Murphy. He’s a prolific writer on stage and on his website! I’m very excited to share the stage with him, finally!

I’m also very excited about the venue! Howlers is home to various rock acts and a few Comedy Shows here and there! I am very excited to be a part of that stage! Big thanks to Bengt & the folks there for allowing me to put this show on there! We’ll see you all at the show!

Noodlebowl Comedy Show-7/5/12