The Trump Racist Towers

So it seems like Donald Trump can’t keep that race train off the tracks. Once again he brings up the fact that Obama may not be an US citizen. He claims he found a Kenyan birth certificate, which, was probably Photoshopped by a racist high schooler from Alabama. I feel like some deja-vu happening here. Didn’t we go through this and the Republican Party was found with some Hawaiian Egg on their faces? It looks like they will never learn.

Now this brings up the race issue, and if Donald Trump is really racist; yes. He claims he is not because he picked Arsenio Hall as the winner of the apprentice. Wait just a dog gone second, is Trump saying that he only picked sweet little Arsenio because he was black? Not because of his work ethic, drive or marketing strategies? That makes you a bigger racist than what you’re claiming not to be! The people that are racists are the ones that keep showing their other white friends what they did for black janitor they graciously hired, despite the fact that the black janitor they hired is a Harvard professor doing a social experiment on race and the effects of white guilt.

And on top of this, if Obama really wasn’t born in the US, but in Kenya, wouldn’t that make him an even bigger deal! Not only would he the first black president, but also the first non-American president. Meaning the constitution would change, and we would see a lot of Mexicans running for President, which would mean that California would be sanctioned as Mexico. There would be brown people running as president, which would mean sales all the time and probably tax on white people would go up. Which then white people say is racist, and no one will care.

“But a lot of people want me to talk about place of birth,” he said. “You saw this audience — probably the biggest hand I got was when I mentioned place of birth which was just very quick.” I think people were applauding because they didn’t want you finish that sentence. People don’t want to hear Donald Trump dig him self into another Racist hole. The applause is the public trying to help Trump, but the size is of his hair is equivalent to the size of his ego, so it message was lost in the ether. I’m just waiting for the comment from him saying “I’m not racist, its just my hair” and then do the Trump laugh.