Going Bananas at Go Bananas!

This past week I was at Go Bananas Comedy Club for their Funniest Person in Cincinnati Competition. This is an annual Competition they run every year over the summer that showcases local & national talent at all different levels. They use this to look for Hosts and Features to come back to their club.  I was thrilled to find out a while back that Gabe Kea wanted me to come out and perform there! I began preparing my 5 minute set for the show and as per usual Carrie made sure they were good.

Carrie and I had a great time. She made sure that my set was tight and I was bits that fit the continuity of the set. She also advised me to take my time with the set, and not rush through it. I have a tendency of doing that when I get to excited about a joke or I’m worried about time, which leaves out punch lines, tags and adds slurs and stumbles to my sets. She’s amazing and I’m pretty sure at this point my manager.

We got to the club and met some really great Comedians who I got the opportunity to talk to and swap stories with, and hopefully I will see and perform alongside them again. There were definitely a ton of funny people there, who cracked me up.

I got on stage and honestly had one of best times I’ve ever had on stage. The vibe the club and audience was fantastic! They were all receptive and I had a amazing time connecting with them in the short time. I took my time with each joke and I think I stumbled once or twice, but recovered and kept enjoying my set. I felt really good about my set while walked off stage. After the show was over, Mike Cody did a fantastic job of keeping the crowd laughing while the votes were tallied. Unfortunately I did not win, but Congratulations to Andy Gasper, Matt Clemens and Hannah Bishop!

Despite the fact that I didn’t win, Gabe, the host and all the judges of the night came up to me and said that I was on the top of their list to move forward. They also told me I lost 2 votes in the audience tally. I was thrilled and honored to hear I was on the top of the list to move forward! Gabe also informed me that the manager at Go Bananas wanted me to come back and perform at another round if someone drops or if any openings are available! That meant a whole lot to me when everyone was telling me that they wanted me to move forward! I had a great talk with Mike Cody, a Pittsburgh Native, who also complimented me on my set. I ended up speaking to Gabe for a little longer as well, about Comedy, Clubs, Road work and everything in between.

I had a truly fantastic experience at Go Bananas, from the people at the club, the other comedians, the staff and the crowd! I hope to come back there as much as they want me and perform! Thank you to Gabe, and the whole staff out there! I’m looking forward to coming back to that stage!