Fishy Anomalies

Recently, there was a little boy in India that swallowed a fish, that went into this lungs and lived! The young boy had to go through a 45 minute surgery to get the fish out after he had a hard time breathing. The boy survived, but the fish did not.

My first reaction to this story was, we finally did it! We created Aquaman! But sadly that did not happen. The boy swallowed the fish as part of a game, where the local youngins swallow live fish. I haven’t been to India in a while but this wasn’t a game that I played with my friends as a young lad. We played things like toss the ball at the scooter, cricket, run away from the street dogs. The key to that game is to make friends with the pack leader and good shoes. If you notice, there is nothing eaten for sport on that list, but I could just be out of touch with the Indian youth.

It is really a shame that the fish died shortly after it was removed from the lung. It would’ve been great if that fish and the boy would have formed a relationship together. Maybe this will spawn a Bollywood movie; Where this boy swallows a fish, and it goes into his lungs, and he get it removed, then he can speak to fish and grows up with the fish, and hijinks ensue. This is basically the movie “Ted” with a fish, and will follow our trend of India taking American movies and adding songs to it. It will be called “Ted Ki Machili” (#Ted’sFish). It’d probably do well in the box office.

Oxygenated Fish