Hardknocks at Greensburgh

Hello Friends,

Recently I was at an Open Mic Comedy Showcase with Chuck Krieger, Travis Walling and Mike Wysocki in Greensburg at the Ramada Inn. The crowd was a bit tough to break into but eventually there were on board with the show. There was one table in the back that got loud, and all 4 of us had to deal with their chatter. My approach to them was to lightly engage with them, but that didn’t work with this woman who I politely nicknamed “Chatty Cathy”. That went right over her head. Regardless after a few minutes into my set, there a decent bit of people that were getting into their show. It was definitely a hard room to work into, but it was still good. Chuck, Travis and Mike seemed to be laughing. It was about the same for Travis as well. Mike went up and headlined the show, and had about the same reaction as the 3 of us before. By this time Chatty Cathy had left, so Mike had ¬†little better set, and people were getting into his set.

I definitely had a great time out there. Shows like that always build you up for the next show and make it easier to deal with and break people that don’t want to laugh. I’m not going to say that I’m the best at that but I hopefully will get there. I enjoyed working with Chuck, he was very funny and got a hold of a tough crowd pretty quick! I hope to be on the bill of some of his shows. After the show, one of the guys that Chuck knew was giving his regards and compliments to the Comedians. He said that my material was funny and good, but it was too clever and it didn’t hit with the people there. I’ve heard that before. I should look into how to “dumb” my material down, but I like being clever and the writing the way I write. Plus I hope to draw more people that guy to shows that I do and keep getting more clever.