A Complete Travis D

New Show Announcement

Hello Friends,

I am excited to announce a little new format for something old. This week on Thursday, June 21, 2012, Travis Walling (#BigTravie) will be hosting the Open Mic at Hambones, but with a twist. The twist being he will have a second microphone on hand with him while the Comedians do their sets (#what!). Why you might ask? That is because Travis is will be interrupting each Comedian’s sets with some light banter, conversation and delightful Improv during their sets. I’m very excited to be on the roster for this show, because its something and unpredictable! This a major lesson is thinking quick on your, which Travis is a master of, and can also lead to developing new tags, bits, and jokes off the set you do. So come down to Hambones on Thursday, June 21, at 9pm to see a Complete Travis D with 13 to 15 of Pittsburgh’s fines Comedians go toe to toe with Travis Walling, master impersonator and interrupter!