Putting the Hammer down on the Sickle

In recent talks, Russian Culture Minister has suggested burying Vladimir Lenin’s body and turning the mausoleum into a museum about Lenin. Of course he is met with some opposition on this matter. Currently the Father of Communism (#Leninism) is a glass coffin and has remained there since 1924 at Red Square, in a pickled state. His mausoleum is free to attend for the public, but you can’t take anything except the clothes on your back or even talk in there. That makes sense, since Lenin can’t talk why should you? There shall be no expressing how you feel about this Bolshevik leader pumped full of formaldehyde and waxed to perfection, representing everything that was right with Russia.

This is going to cause some unrest among the people of Russia, but I think they should bury the guy and turn that place into a museum. Why not? A memorial to the Father of Communism wrapped around a Capitalist belief of charging 10 rubles for adults on weekdays. Even the placement of the tomb itself is on the way to the crux of Capitalist agenda, the mall.  Yes, Lenin’s tomb is right between the Presidential office and a luxury mall. Where else can you a “I’m with Communism” Shirt or the “I visited Lenin’s Tomb and all I got was this dumb mug, but since I spoke out against the gifts of my leader I am not stuck in a Russian Prison for 20 years. Help!” Mug?