Madness in the Message-Sold out Crowd!

This past weekend was the premiere of my friend and fellow comedian, Ron Placone‘s One man Show, Madness in the Message. I was very excited to see this show, not only because I’m featured in some of the sketches, but the theme of the show was particularly interesting to me! Ron’s show is about media criticism, and how profit driven media affects democracy and our lives with the messages they feed us. Ron does a fantastic job giving you a quick history of media, the various tools and schemes utilized by them, and the current state of media in our generation. He intermixes the education element, with comedy, activism, sketches and music in something he coined as “edutainment“. The show as compelling, exciting and entertaining. The show premiered at Steel City Improv Theater and will be running 3 more times, so go check out that show!

Madness in the Message-Handbill