Laughed in the Face of Cancer

Laughing in the Face of Cancer

This past Friday was the Finals of the Gilda’s Great Comic Search, Laughing in the Face of Cancer with 13 of the best Comedians in Pittsburgh. I want to congratulate the winners, Robert X, Vinny Fasline and Alex Stypula. They did great!

The show as at Diesel, which was a different environment to perform in. The stage was small, which is great, but you are much higher than the audience, which makes a bit hard to connect with them. I was on towards the end and the crowd was getting a bit loud and less attentive, but regardless, I had fun with my set to the first few rows that were with me. I was happy to be a part of this show for the 4th year running! Thanks to Aimee Arnold, Shannon Barry and the Gilda Club of Western PA for putting the show together!