Noodlebowl Comedy Show-Live at Howlers Review

Last night was the Noodlebowl Comedy Show at Howlers Coyote Cafe with Zach Funk, Mark McCall, Dan Jenniches and Jeff Konkle, with yours truly as the host! I am very happy to say that show went really great! We had a packed room and a great audience that was excited for Comedy! The room at Howlers is one of the best rooms for Comedy! The space is small enough to pack in a good amount of people while keeping the setting intimate. The intimacy of the room definitely led to the great crowd work from all the Comedians, especially Dan. The crowd themselves were great and were on board with all the bits and Comedians! The intimacy of the room really helps you make a connection with audience and helps them find out who you are a lot faster than a Hall or Theater. I couldn’t be happier with the turnout and the overall show.

Zach was the Opener for the show, and he did very well. Zach’s been doing Comedy a little over a year now, and he’s gotten very good at timing, writing and finding his voice! Mark followed as the first Feature act of the evening. As expected Mark did really well, especially when the crowd keeps up with some his absurdist jokes. Mark was really able to have fun with his material and was enjoying his set with the audience. Dan was the second Feature act , and as mentioned he did great crowd work which kept the crowd engaged and involved with the show! He was able to add some tags to jokes and build his material. He’s another a Comedian who’s writing style has improved greatly in the last year or so. Jeff was the headliner for the evening and brought the house down! Jeff also did a bit a crowd work and was able to bring into his material.

Earlier in the day, I got a phone call from Mr. Dan Majors of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for a little interview for show. We had a chance to talk about the Comedy Scene in Pittsburgh and the show itself! Check out the article HERE. This was a great a honor that he wanted to write about the show and made me feel great! I was pumped for the show and once it started I was even more excited. I had a bit of a sloppy set. I stumbled on a few jokes here and there, but despite that crowd was still with me and laughing at the jokes, even for a Host set. I knew I stumbled while I was on stage, because of both nervousness and excitement about the crowd and the show. It was different, in that the people in the room were there to see Comedy and they knew it, so the warm up didn’t take long at all.

A big thanks to all those came, Bengt for booking, Jess for running sound and all 4 Comedians for being a part of the show. This show as definitely one of the best shows I’ve had and I hope to make the Noodlebowl Comedy Show a staple at Howlers. We will see you at the next show!

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