The Noodlebowl Comedy Show-Live at Peters Pub Review

Last night was the second Noodlebowl Comedy Show at Peters Pub in Oakland with Elliot Burns, Michael Buzzelli, Tim Ross and Derek Minto. The room is another small room, which makes it a great space for Comedy. Last night thought we had a light crowd, but they were still great! All the people that were there were very nice and stuck through the whole and were generally into the Comedy of the show! Thanks so much for all the folks that came out last night first and foremost! It was the weekend of Fourth of July, and I’m sure people out for the weekend.

I want also thank Elliot, Mike, Tim and Derek for putting a great show! Elliot was very funny especially for the first time doing a longer set. He had a great continuity and kept the crowd engaged for the time he was on stage. Mike was up next and he did a shorter set but he still well. Tim Ross brought the house down! He came and we started his set with a long embrace and his set was fantastic! Derek headlined the show and had a great set! He kept audience engaged and pulled them into his world and he rocked the room! Post show we all had a great conversation that led to some insight on Elliot Burn’s mind.

I very much enjoyed the room. The crowd that was there was great. The bartenders and sound tech were great and very professional. Andy, the manager at Peters Pub, was great too. I would definitely like to set up another show there and hopefully draw out a big crowd. Big thanks again to all that came out and the folks at Peters Pub. We’ll see you at the next show!

Krish Mohan Elliot Burns Michael Buzzelli Tim Ross Derek Minto