Crossing Several Borders

Recently in Dubai, a couple from Egypt tried to sneak their baby boy into Dubai by putting him in their luggage. The baby boy was spotted when the luggage was put through the X-Ray scan. The couple is being prosecuted. The baby was not allowed entry into the country because he did not have the proper documentation to enter Dubai.

This poses a few questions. The first and most obvious one, what the hell were these parents thinking? When does a baby become a carry-on? You gotta give them some credit thought; they were determined to get their kid into Dubai by any means necessary! Does that make Egyptians the Mexicans of the Middle East? The border jump from Egypt to Dubai is little further than the Rio Grande that the Mexicans have to cross, which makes these two parents exponentially more dedicated to start a new life for this youngster than the Mexicans that pop into the US. But that life didn’t really have a start in a duffel bag (which some say you can fit 8 heads into).

Secondly, how cool does Dubai think it is that babies need proper documentation? Sure sure, the United States does the same thing too, but I must ask why?  Do we have a long standing  record of criminal activity with babies that have entered countries without documentation that grow up there and contribute to their economy and culture!? My goodness, how terrible!

Now, I’ve been to Dubai, it’s very nice. They have tall buildings, beaches, and so on. I don’t think this baby should be punished for something that his parents did. What’s the worst that could happen? I say let that kid into Dubai and naturalize him and grant him a pardon. Make this child into the Elian Gonzalez of the Middle East. He’d be famous for a little while. Then much like Elian fade into the mist and grow up to be a Compliance Director at some Insurance firm, telling his co-workers about how he was “That Kid”. And all his co-workers go “That’s great Hakim, now get back to work.” That’s the worst could happen.

Now you’re probably asking, “Krish, what of his Parents?” After they’ve been interrogated and serve a little time and go back to Egypt they should be allowed to re-enter Dubai. But once they enter Dubai, give them the same treatment that the US gives the Mexicans. Claim they stole jobs, and the reason the economy is tanking and so on. I’m sure the Republicans here would be thrilled to hear Dubai has taken on his scapegoating tactics, proving that the folks in Middle East are just like us.