Shadow & Shaler Lounges

Hey Friends,

This past weekend I was at 2 shows that were dynamically different. The first was a DVD Release Show for a local Comedian and the second was an Invite Only Open Mic Showcase. Both shows were great and had an audience that was very receptive to Comedy which made for a good weekend of working on material.

The first show was at Shadow Lounge for Davon Magwood’s DVD release. There were few Comedians who were on the bill and Davon headlined the show. It was a lot of fun. I was up first to short 5 minute set and I am very happy about how it went. I did some material I had been doing for a while and the audience was very receptive. I did a little over 5 minutes and took my bow off stage. The room itself is great for Comedy as well. The stage reminded me of the stage Howlers, small intimate room where you really get make a connection with the audience and have fun with you set. I would love to get out there and perform on that stage again!

The second show was at Shaler Lounge for Matt Wohlfarth’s new Invite Only Open Mic Showcase. This was an opportunity to a longer set and work on a longer material. It’s small room that let you connect with the audience and ad lib if you’d like, which I did. I had a slow start to my set, because I started with a bit that usually put into the middle of my set. I wanted to see if it worked as an opener and if I could build a different theme around it. It got a few laughs, but not as good as it usually gets. But as the set progressed, by the 2nd or 3rd minute, I had the crowd on board with my material, which always feels great. Never the less, I have to put a bit to rest that did not work in that room, or any room for that matter. I wanted to give it a shot and see if it had any potential of being work shopped but it fell. I was able to bring them on board again with some more of my fine tuned material. The room is great for working of semi-polished material and get ready for any showcases or gigs coming up. Good lessons learned there. I will definitely be back if Matt will have me!

Two more shows under the belt. There are some more coming as the weeks come. My goal is to have a brand new 30 minutes that I can amend onto my growing set from Homecoming (check that album out). I’ve started getting it together and working on the material, so hopefully there will be opportunities to unleash it upon the world. See you at the next show!