Thank you to the Gilda Club of Western PA!

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of hosting a private show for the members of the Gilda Club of Western PA with 6 of my very good Comedian friends and colleagues and we all had a great time! The Gilda Club is a non-profit organization that provides emotional, physical and psychological support to people with cancer and their families. I’ve been involved with the Gilda Club in some way since 2008, when I was part of the very first Gilda’s Great Comic Search and the Laughing in the Face of Cancer event. This year I am part of the Faces Campaign and was able to help out Aimee Arnold, Shannon Barry and the Gilda Club with their event back in March through June.

This show was a private show for the members of the club, which I was invited to perform with a few Comedians after passing on “Homecoming” to some of the people at the club. It was a family friendly show, and all Comedian and I had a blast performing. The crowd was very intuitive and was on board with Comedy. We were able to interactive with the crowd and put on great casual show! I look forward to working with Gilda Club more on Comedic events! A big thanks to Colleen Dwyer and the Gilda Club Members for having us there!

Big thanks to Linda Duty, Keane Kobb, Zach Funk, Dan Jenniches, Ed Kniznik and Ron Placone for being on the show!