The Noodlebowl Comedy Show with Travis Walling, Tom Musial, Robert X & WDVE’s Mike Wysocki

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The Noodlebowl Comedy Show is now a Monthly installment Howlers Coyote Café! I couldn’t be more thrilled about this! Thanks so much to those who came to that show and for the Zach Funk, Mark McCall, Dan Jenniches and Jeff Konkle to be a part of it!

With that being said, the next date for that show is August 8, 2012 at Howlers! It will feature Travis Walling, Tom Musial, Robert X and WDVE’s Mike Wysocki! The doors will open at 9 p.m. and the show will start around 9:30 p.m. There is a $5 cover at the door!

I’m thrilled to Travis Walling, master impressionist and the prince of one-liners, on the show. Travis was one of the first Comedians I met on the scene when I graduated college.  I enjoy his unique brand of delivering one-liners and his bits and his quick wit which makes a great “off the cuff” Comedian. I was part of Travis’ show, A Complete Travis-D which was a different show and lot of fun to do. I hope that makes a comeback.

Tom Musial is a super funny and super nice guy. He’s only Comedian that his own uniform of white shirt and a nice pair of dress pants. Tom was recently on the DVE Local Stage during the Comedy Festival. Tom and I have done a few shows together, more recently the one at the Shaler Middle School, for the benefit for the Shaler Library. I enjoy performing with Tom, so I hope there’s more down the road.

Robert X is one of the most prolific writers and Comedians in this city. His act will have you cracking up. He’s pretty theatrical in this bits and delivers one-liners that will have you howling (which is appropriate because we will be at Howlers). Robert and I met very recently but I’ve had many conversations with him off stage and he’s one of coolest people to hang out with. Robert will be leaving to take his talents to Philadelphia soon,  but I’m hoping he comes back or I meet him out in Philly and we get to perform together again.

Last but not least, Mr. Mike Wysocki. Mike is a staple of the WDVE Morning Show where he delivers his take on current events and happenings. Mike is a very nice guy and has unique perspectives on what happening in culture and the world around us. I’ve shared a few conversations with Mike that were helpful to me in approaching Comedy. Mike has recently opened for Norm MacDonald who he got also got to take around Pittsburgh.

We will see you at the show!

Noodlebowl Comedy Show-August 8