Tweet with Congress

“We are still working through technical issues and the material is coming in; the process of how to serve it out to researchers while still maintaining the parameters set by our agreement with Twitter is still being worked out.
Long story short, it’s going to be awhile — we can’t really put a timeline on it — before people will be able to come to the Library and start doing research using the archive”

That is a quote from Greg Elmer, the director of the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress has been archiving tweets since 2006, which means that somewhere in there is a tweet that says “Mom made meatloaf for dinner #where’stheketchup @mom4life” and it is documented for prosperity! Just in case anyone in Congress was wondering, on March 15, 2008, little Billy’s mother made him Meatloaf and didn’t give him ketchup. History will unfold from there!

The idea behind this is not to archive every tweet, but save the majority of them for research. Since everyone and their mother are twittering or Facebooking these days, we are all going to want to know about Billy’s meatloaf incident. I suppose using twitter to get your facts is technological progress that I should embrace as a youngster. That is how most of the world found out Bin Laden was dead, which was then reinforced by every speech Obama gave (#reelection). That’s how we found out Steve Jobs died. This troubles me because these facts that are now engrained in our history as moments that we will never forget are just as equivalent as this tweet from Snooki: “Crusin around el ay (fist bump emoticon)” She spelt LA out as “el ay”! She spelt out the letters! Can some please get that girl to watch one episode of Sesame Street?! Is she aware that she doesn’t have to phonetically sound out 2 letters! Pneumonia is something somebody might have to use phonetics for, but not 2 letters! I think Snooks need to unhook from Phonics! She ruined the best part of abbreviations!

I’m waiting for the day that I pick up a 5 paragraph essay and read “Obama’s Healthcare policies gave the citizens of this country an opportunity to be a healthier and a more lively country (“Universal Healthcare, bitches!” , @zimdog958, July 10, 2012). While it was still met with some pretty heavy opposition proving that President Obama would have a tough race ahead of him (“Where is Obama’s real birth certificate? #stillnotabeliever”, @Trumpmachine12, July 10, 2012).” Things are going to change for the better from using Wikipedia and Sparknotes to cite information. I bet this paper will get a B+ at best.

*Note: Tweets featured in this post are fictional unless otherwise noted.*

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