One of the Best Times In Comedy-Hilarites Primetime Showcase

Hello friends,

I was recently in Cleveland to perform at Hilarities for the Primetime Showcase! I have to say that it was one of the best times I’ve had on stage. The showcase was held in the Frolics Caberet Theater and was filled up for the show. There was about 10 Comedians on the show, 9 from Cleveland and myself. The crowd and the room was fantastic! They were all there for Comedy and were a very honest and fun crowd. I also met some really great Comedians that are working road around the region! I was very excited after the show and spoke to several, including one guy in the restroom who looked at me and said “Hey, you’re dude with the jokes!” “Yes sir I am!” I replied. “Bro, you’re funny man!” So I said thank you and was very pleased that this guy recognized me from the stage in the awkward setting of the mens restroom. Cool none the less.

After the show, I had the opportunity to speak with Nick, the owner of the club. Nick is one of the nicest people around! I’m glad I was able to speak to him for a little while. He spoke with Ralph, the manager, and said that I had a good set! Which was fantastic to hear! Nick was genuinely interested in the Comedy scene and the Comedians that come to perform at his Club! It was real pleasure to meet and I’m hoping it won’t be my last! Genuinely nice people like him are far and few in between and I’m luck to have a bunch of those people in my life.

I also had the opportunity to meet and chat with Ralphie May. Which was incredible! Ralphie is one the nicest Comedians around. He was surprised to learn that traveled from Pittsburgh to a Showcase in Cleveland. After speaking with him for a few moments he said I was on the right track and if I stay passionate about Comedy, that’s how I’m going to make it! Meeting and chatting with Ralphie May was a real treat!

I sincerely hope to make it back to Hilarities and perform there again, and work on the main stage, as well the Caberet Stage again! I had a blast there and would be honored to be back! Of course I have to shout to my fantastic girlfriend, Carrie for supporting and coming with me. Thank you Cleveland, the people at Hilarities, Nick and Ralphie May for making my experience at that club amazing!