Loud & Blue at Mugshots

Hello friends,

This past Saturday I was on a show at Mugshots, hosted by Andrew Rutherford. I’m happy to say all 7 Comedians had great sets. Mugshots is small bar, that makes for an intimate show, but it can also make a bit of a challenge if the bar area is a bit rowdy. Much like the Moose it was a bit rowdy, which Andrew would take care after each to make sure the Comedians had maximum attention. I was a little concerned about my set, and my material falling flat, but I used the energy of the room and had a great set. I was louder than I normally was and much bluer than I normally would. I didn’t mind it because the environment called it to be one of those sets. I had a blast with the crowd and people there. Sure, my throat doesn’t think it was that great of an idea, but its good to know that I use the energy and vibe of the room to re-tool my set to make in work in a bit of a rowdy environment. Thank you to all those that came out, Mugshots and Andrew Rutherford. I had a good time!