Adventure minus the Interweb

This past week I was sitting at my desk at home and working on a few projects and surfing the Internet.  Things were going great; I was being productive and procrastinating all at the same time. Until, all of a sudden I get a error message on my browser of choice saying there was no internet connection. So I went to restart my router in a calm and collected manner, and nothing. I began to panic a bit. This is when I began frantically plugging the router back in and out, in and out, only the yield me the same results. I would have looked up other ways to reboot the router, but I didn’t have Google to help me.

I began wandering the streets like a nomad, seeking Internet to watch videos, check email and Facebook. I eventually wandered into a Libarry, which I was later told was pronounced a Library. As I walked in and smelled an odor that I was not familiar with, later finding out it was knowledge.  There was crude older woman behind the counter that smiled at me, which people on the Internet never do. The Internet only yells and tells you how you were wrong and your grammar was incorrect! She walked up to me and asked “How can I help you son?” I was able to blurt out one word “Website?” She laughed and took me around this “Library” place. There were aisles upon aisles of books with worlds created out of nothing! The scent of musk from some books dating as far back as 1852! I looked at her and said “You know I once visited a website made in 1992.” She smiled, gave a confused look and then left.

I was alone with all these books and I didn’t have much of a choice except to pick one and start reading. As I did I was transported into worlds unknown, new characters and landscapes. It was reading World of Warcraft, except the attractive elf in this situation isn’t an overweight 40-something year old in his mom’s basement. The vivid imagery threw my mind for a loop till I heard a buzzing. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It was my iPhone, with an email and Facebook notification! Ah yes the network! That would provide me with mindless entertainment. Once I got back to my room, I couldn’t remember where the Library was again; even Google wasn’t sure about what that really was. I guess I’ll never know if that really real. #visityourlocallibrary #themoreyouknow