The Noodlebowl Review & Robert X’s Goodbye

Hello Friends,

This past week was the second Monthly edition of the Noodlebowl Comedy Show at Howlers Coyote Cafe. This show featured Travis Walling, Tom Musial, Robert X & Mike Wysocki. This show had a light crowd, and some repeat audience members! Everyone in the crowd was a lot of fun and were ready for comedy. My set fell short a bit. Some of the material didn’t go over as well I thought it would.  I had sub-par middle of the my set and picked back up towards the end. I was a little surprised when a bit I’ve done for quiet sometime and usually gets a laugh, went stagnant. But I suppose that’s bound to happen.

Travis, Tom, Robert and Mike did great! I enjoyed watching their sets. Travis worked into the crowd and got them and brought them into the show. Tom had a great set and had everyone cracking up. He’s one of those Comedians that really uses the real estate of the stage and had a great energy on stage. Robert X was hysterical. Every show from Robert is a unique experience that only he can deliver, and always makes for very fun show. Mike had a great set to headline the show! I always enjoy watching Mike’s sets. He has a great sense of humor and his material is always polished! Big thanks to these guys for being on the show! I had a great time!

A special note: This was Robert X’s last showcase in Pittsburgh. He’s moving out to Philadelphia, and he will be missed here. I want to wish him all the best and success out there! Thank you for sharing the stage and laughs with me, Robert!

Thanks to Bengt and Jess for running sound at Howlers and for letting us have the show there. The next show is on September 12, 2012 and will be featuring Shannon Norman, John Winters, Vinny Fasline and Alex Stypula. Don’t miss it and we’ll see you at the next one!