Steel City Comedy Tour at Club Cafe

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Hello friends,

I am very happy to let you guys that I will be a part of the Steel City Comedy Tour at Club Cafe on September 15, 2012. The Steel City Comedy Tour is booked, produced and run by Chuck Kreiger and Tommy Kupiec. I’ve worked with both Chuck and Tommy before and am very excited to be on this show. This show features myself, Dan Jenniches, Alex Stypula, Ron Placone and Mike Wysocki, and is hosted by Tommy Kupiec. I haven’t performed with Ron on a show in quite some time and I’m looking forward to sharing the stage with him again! Dan and Mike have a part of the Noodlebowl Comedy Show. Alex will be featured in the September Noodlebowl Comedy Show. The show is $8, doors open at 10pm and starts at 10:30 pm. Check out the event for the show HERE. You can also contact me for tickets or get them HERE.