Benefit for Blake Buckel at Captain Loomis

Hello folks,

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to Host the Comedy benefit showcase for 3 year old Blake Buckel, who is diagnosed with Leukemia. The show featured Chuck Kreiger and Matt Wohlfarth. At first the crowd seemed light and we were getting worried. But soon enough, through some phone calls and persistence, we had an audience to enjoy the show and support Blake. My set to open up was a little rocky. I did a bit of crowd work, and my set wasn’t as tight as it normally is. I stumbled on about 3 of my bits but powered through, talking to with audience. I think that helped the set a bit. I felt okay about this set; it wasn’t my best but I definitely had fun. Thanks to Mary for letting me pick on her throughout the night!

The night turned out great! The show raised close to $1000 for Blake! Everyone stuck around for the whole show and the chinese auction. I was able to have fun and throw jokes towards the audience during the Chinese auctions too! All-in-all the evening was a lot of fun and I was able to meet a lot of really nice and great people. I hope to come back to do a Comedy at Captain Loomis in the future! Thanks to Matt and Chuck for having on the show and the folks at Captain Loomis for having us!