ProAm at Go Bananas

Hello folks,

This past week I returned to Go Bananas Comedy Club for their weekly ProAm Showcase. This is a weekly show for locals and few out of town Comedians to work out orĀ strengthen their material. I was fortunate enough to meet some very funny folks out there, and chance a to have a great conversation. I got to speak with the owner, who remember me from my set in June, which was very flattering. I felt good about my set. The crowd was with me and very intuitive and smart! They were definitely an honest crowd, and if they felt something didn’t work they would let you know. Those are always my favorite crowds; the ones that make you work harder to be a better and funnier Comedian. My set had a short lull in towards the end, but I was able to get them back before I got off stage. Once again I have to thank my lovely girlfriend for sticking with through the drive and always being there for me! I hope to return to Go Bananas more often, so keep a look out! Thank you to the crowd, the club and Comedians out there for making me feel welcomed.