Real Life Stories about Terrible Males

I’m in a relationship with a very beautiful girl and hence I am told I enjoy Lifetime movies. But truth be told I don’t enjoy Lifetime movies. There are only so many movies I can watch where I get to be related to the bad guy because I was gifted with specific body part (#ladiesknowwhatI’mtalkingabout). After about the 10th movie where the Semi-rich man has with the shady van and deep psychological issues with his mother tries to kill his 4th or 5th wife I’m sitting there with my girlfriend, saying “Come on man! You’re making us look bad! Shape up, talk to Dr. Phil or something!” This is only followed by a very aggressive “Sssh!” After a while though, I think these ladies need to start taking some accountability. Considering the fact that this guy’s last few girlfriends and/or wives “disappeared” and left him with a large sum of their life insurance or inheritance, should tell you “Hey, you might be next!” A common rule of thumb in these scenarios is don’t date the fella with the 1970s white van with a 8.5×11 sheet of paper that says ice cream on it and when you ask what he does he says he’s in the entertainment business. Those guys are bad news. Come on Lifetime, can’t you make just one movie where the guy is average normal human with insecurities about his muscle tone and man parts and not a serial killing douchebag. Step up your game!

Terrible Males from Real Life