Noodlebowl Comedy Show-A night in Review

The Noodlebowl Comedy was at Howlers this past Wednesday and it was great success! I had a great time with the audience and the Comedians on the show. We packed up the room and everyone had a great time with each other! Shannon, John, Vinny and Alex brought the house down! It was a great show with some great audience interaction and off the cuff bits and of course Vinny Fasline impersonations! I felt really good about my set. This is one of the first sets where I am combining material that I have just worked on with material that I’ve been working from earlier in the year! I hope to keep the shows going and shed more light on the local Comedy scene! And as always a big thank you to my girlfriend Carrie, for taking care of the door and helping to set up!  Stay tuned for the videos and more news about the shows!

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