The Ampersand Show Premier-A Thing that Happened

This past Friday was the premier show of the Ampersand Show with my good friend, fellow comedian and Co-host, Zach Funk at Jamision’s. We walked in to the bar and were happy with the set up of everything. A very small and intimate stage which gives everyone the opportunity to interact and really get into the crowd. As we started to check for the sound equipment, we realized…there was none. And even with Mark McCall’s help, we couldn’t get the sound to be right. So, the untested show became an acapella show really fast. Myself and Zach went up to a lose opening set and played off each other for about 10 minutes till we brought up Tim Ross. The rest of the evening went fine, and both Zach and I were able to keep jumping off each other. Tim, Mark and Derek did really well considering the circumstances. Derek played a few acoustic songs and did fantastic! At the end of the night, we felt like for all the challenges that we were faced with, the show wasn’t a total disaster and thanks to Zach, Tim, Mark and Derek. I definitely want to keep the style of this show going so hopefully there will be more!

“Well…that was a thing that happened” ~Zach Funk