The Higher Evolutionaries

The argument of Creationism and Evolution is an age-old argument that doesn’t seem to find an end. Most Evolutionists stay respectful to idea of Creationism, and sort of vice versa. U.S. number 33 out 34 developed countries that believe in evolution over creationism. There are many Evolutionist that also believe that a higher helped in our evolution. Almost like they themselves are evolving into the concept of Evolution. We are right above Turkey, who may believe that Humans evolved from Turkeys and name their country for it.  There are more people that believe in pure Creationism than in pure Evolution. The U.S. needs to pull up in the rankings and even out with the Creationists.

Creationists believe that humanity is special. They all need to be locked in a room and made to watch Fight Club over and over again till the message sinks in. There are 7 million people in the world, which doesn’t make us special; it makes us saturated. Would Superman be as special as he is if there were 30 other guys just like him? No he wouldn’t; he would just as average as the Green Lanterns.

Sadly, there are more mediocre people than ever before. It seems like Natural Selection has abandoned us. I wonder if Darwin will come back one day, riding on a Giant Turtle and smite those not fit to evolve and then tell the ones that survived that Charleston Heston & Mark Wahlberg were right and we are to be ruled by super intelligent Monkeys.