Kicking Off Comedy at The Rex Theater

This past Monday, I had the pleasure of performing at the Rex Theater for the Performance for People’s Comedy Kickoff Show. I felt pretty good about the set. I brought out some material I hadn’t done in a while and quite frankly missed doing. This was great to get me ready for some upcoming shows! The crowd was great and it was packed room, and the room is a great setting for Comedy. I felt pretty good after my set, which was affirmed by many people who were way too kind to schlub like me. I got to meet some really cool and very nice individuals!

The show itself is fantastic! The people involved in the sketch troupe are very talented, including my friend and fellow Comedian, Alex Stypula. I would definitely be down for being a part of another show! If I were you I would go out and check the show next week and see what they have cookin’ up! See you at the next show!