The Noodlebowl Comedy Show at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern

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Hello friends,

If you haven’t heard, the Noodlebowl Comedy is back in action. After the short run at Howlers, we’ve moved into the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern for the last 2 shows of this year! The first of these shows will be on November 23rd, 2012 and will be featuring the talents of Chris Kemp, Mark Mammone, Ray Zawodni and Justin Markuss.

Chris Kemp is known as the Golden Girl of Comedy and one of the funniest older ladies/people around! Chris actually knows my good friend and old roommate from college; small world eh? Mark is a newer Comedian in Pittsburgh that is coming up through the “ranks”. He’s very very funny and I enjoy working with him. Our last show was the Unholy Night of Comedy at Hambones, where he crushed it! Ray is very funny cat, and his stuff is very animated and high energy! He’s got a great stage personality and non-stage personality. I very enjoy doing impressions of DeNiro vs. Ramano with him. Last but not least, we have the Funny Bone veteran, Justin Markuss. This guy has been around the scene for a while and is super funny and a master of crowd work!

Be sure come on our on November 23 and enjoy a great show! We’ll see you at the show!

Noodlebowl Comedy Show at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern