Word on the street is that Pope Bendict XVI will be manning his own personal twitter account. This is fantastic, I’ve always wanted to have the scriptures in 140 characters or less and the Sparknotes on the Bible are still pretty damn long! Those Apostles sure were long winded.

Now the Pope is 85 years old. I’ve never seen an 85-year-old normal, non-devout man handle a cell phone or social with any sort of grace. It usually just turns into an awkward parade of them spurting out random things about Wheel of Fortune and think the Internet is their Grandson.

The one good thing about this twitter account is that it is going to hard for the church to tell me how to live my life according to the bible. Of course this also means there has to be someone in the Vatican who’s job is write tweets for the Pope! This is an exciting opportunity for any young writer, marketing student and/or social media guru to take on the challenge! Realistically, I’ve always wanted to know what the Pope thought about Kim Kardashian, he new episode of Jersey shore and any celebrity death that may come about, plus apocalypse jokes!

Tweet Pope