NetIP Diwala Gala’s Success

Hello friends,

Last week I was honored to be a part of the NetIP Diwali Gala! The celebration was at Istanbul Grille in Lawrenceville, and it was packed room! The night was kicked off by the Emcee, DJ Nitin who introduced me and got the show rolling. I performed a 30 minute set that when I got off stage felt like I didn’t do well at all. I thought the material I had worked on was definitely solid, but I felt like over stepped and made references the audience was left out. I chose to tell the story I needed to tell about and reveal a bit about who I was. After talking to a few of the people there, I was feeling a bit better about the set. As my night wrapped, after the Belly Dancing, and amidst the dance party, I was approached by a few more people that told me how much they enjoyed my set! I felt much better about my set as I was leaving. Regardless of the material and my initial feelings of the set, I had a great time with everyone there and it was a honor to celebrate Diwali with them.